Matt M.

What I look like whilst blogging ...
Real Job: I'm a Software Developer. Mostly Java and Javascript.
Location: Near Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Interests: besides photography: guitar, cooking, music, films.
Contact: mattm[at sign!]

I'm a full time computer geek but try to get my creative juices flowing with photography. I'd like to think that people enjoy looking at some of my photos. If you like what you see and want any prints, I would be honored to arrange it, please feel free to contact me at the email above.

What's the story with the name "TheOtherMattM"?

In the span of 3 years, I had at least 5 friends named Matt. Two of which had last names beginning with "M." One of which was my freshman year roommate at college. Understandably, people got confused. Including myself sometimes.

Also, the college I went to my freshman and sophomore year (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) had a male population of 75%+. The joke was that there were more Matt's on campus than females. How sad.